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Aditi Athreye

Graphics      Art      Storytelling 


I am a visual artist, skilled in the fundamentals of drawing, digital illustration and graphic design. My focus is on turning the client's narrative into a ocular tale that captivates their target audience. 

My Work


Deep in Quest- Event creatives for
Koramangala Social

The brief was to recreate the tranquil state of sundown in an image along with an element depicting movement. The resulting artwork was made from scratch, including the frame by frame animation of the flying birds.

Altheory- T-shirt Graphics for Reliance Trends

The brief was to create avant-garde graphics for a kidswear and menswear line respectively, while maintaining a common theme. The resulting graphics were made on Adobe illustrator.

Thesis Documentation Booklet-  Layout design 

For our Final project we were required to make a documentation booklet, which ultimately carried more importance than the final project itself. This was due to the nature of our exams due to Covid-19 protocols. The Document spanned over 6 months of research and process. These are a few excerpts.

Are we Alone? - Infographic

This infographic serves as a springboard to ignite curiosity and spark further exploration into the universe's hidden corners, leaving viewers pondering the existence of alien life and humanity's place in the cosmos.

Conceptualizing and Storyboarding for Animators at Mastree

As an illustrator at Mastree one of my many duties was to conceptualize and storyboard animations for the animators of my team. The Animation assets were also developed by us. This is also a representation of how detailed and crisp my ideation for other projects look like.