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my name is Aditi V Athreye,

and I am a Visual Artist. I have proven experience in graphic design, storytelling and digital media arts. I have cultivated these skills by working for clients such as WWF, Reliance, Google, #Social, Bangalore Mirror,  and many more. I want to do my part in this world by telling compelling stories.

I get along great with tools, dogs and people, in that order. If you're looking for someone efficient and ambitious to join your team, I'm the guy for you!  



Graphic Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, Publication Design


May 2019- July 2019

Intern/ Bangalore Mirror

As an intern for Bangalore mirror i was given to responsibility to supply caricatures for their illustration archive.

July 2019- August 2019

Consultant/ NHS London

I brainstormed and ideated the visual identity for a staff management app developed by a doctor working for the NHS.

Dec 2020- March 2021


I was second in command in my team and was responsible for curating illustrations for our biweekly lessons at an ed-tech organization.

Freelance/ Volunteering

September 2017-2018

Volunteer/ Art in Transit

I volunteered for Art in Transit, a chapter under Bangalore's Metro art festival, two years in a row. I, along with my team, was responsible for crown management and tours.

June 2021- Dec 2021

Designer/ Kaha Mind

As their in house designer, I worked end to end on several workshop and marketing collateral. Notably, I was also responsible for creating the visuals of the two sold out B2C campaigns.

November 2020

 Graphic Designer/ WWF

I was employed by WWF to produce a commemoration document and supporting illustrations.



Illustrator/ Proficient

Premier Pro/ Intermediate

Photoshop/ Proficient

After effects/ Advanced Beginner

Indesign/ Proficient

Figma/ Advanced Beginner

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